Problem of Practice: Use of student voice to become more of a practice for teachers

Year one was a pilot year to let teachers decide what kind of student feedback they wanted. As a result, teachers were seeking different kinds of information for the first time (e.g. learning atmosphere). A student survey was developed as a means of trying to develop a standard process for students to give feedback on when their learning is working or not working so well. Suzanne Newell facilitated meetings with the pilot group and communicated with teachers when giving student surveys and interpreting data. She has at least 25 teachers committed to participate in the project during year two. The Patsy Hochman Academy Scholarship continues to support Suzanne’s work in her school.


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The Learning Forward Foundation supports the development of educators' capacity to improve student learning through innovation and improvement that transforms professional learning, framed by the Learning Forward's Standards for Professional Learning and implemented with a coherent design through grants, scholarships, and professional support.

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