Audrey Hobbs-Johnson

North Vancouver, BC

Past Chair 2016-2017/Strategic Planning


Audrey is an educational consultant working with British Columbia’s key provincial Professional Learning projects. These include work with provincial education partner groups in the area of educational leadership particularly in the realm of student learning and achievement.

Presently in her role as a consultant to the Ministry of Education, she spends a large part of her time as a facilitator of student achievement discussions among the key personnel with each of the partner groups and in school districts. The follow-up work takes the form of planning and facilitating a variety of educational learning series and materials that provide learning over time for educators and their partners in British Columbia.

In the past years, Audrey has worked in BC school districts as a teacher, administrator and in the central office in the area of instructional and program leadership for all programs including the professional learning for adults in a variety of roles in the educational community.

Audrey lives in North Vancouver and works in her community to promote capacity to provide services for families and children. Children, the learning communities that enhance their success and life long learning are her passions.