2018 Scholarship and Grant Award Winners

By Jill Lachenmayr

With tremendous appreciation and inspiration, the Learning Forward Foundation is delighted to support educator professional learning by partnering with selected learning leaders each year, to help them transform their beliefs and practice to improve professional learning in their organizations. We are excited to announce the Learning Forward Foundation scholarship and grant award winners for 2018.  It is an honor to help support these educators on their professional learning journey!

Learning Forward Foundation Academy Scholarships

* Katherine  Cottrell is the Director  of Professional Development at Gimnasio  La  Montaña in Bogata, Columbia.  Through the academy experience, Katherine seeks  to  increase  the  quality  of  job-embedded  professional  learning  at  her school to  empower  teachers  and improve  student  learning. The focus of her project will be to develop a shared vision of professional learning, create opportunities for stakeholders to share ideas for achieving the vision, implement promising strategies, and evaluate the impact on student and adult learning.  

* Katoria  Gaston is an Instructional  Coach at Gwinnett County Public Schools in Suwanee, Georgia.  Through her academy adventure, Katoria will be looking for ways for her district to increase teacher retention. The focus of her project will be to help answer the question, “What impact does a new teacher and mentoring framework have on teacher retention?”  
Patsy Hochman Academy Scholarship

* Susan Cole is the Executive  Director of  Instruction  and Professional Learning at Leander  Independent School  District in Leander, Texas.  Leander  ISD  is  a  fast-growth  district  that  has  worked  hard  to  maintain  its  small-town  feel  and  culture. As part of the next Academy class,Susan will be working on designing a comprehensive professional learning system that empowers staff.  The focus of her project will include evaluating and creating systemic processes that will help her district moving forward. 
Dale Hair Affiliate Grant

* Congratulations to Learning Forward Illinois! The affiliate’s goals are to increase membership and create meaningful support and networking opportunities that build value for current and future members.  
Learning Forward Foundation Affiliate Grant

* Congratulations to Learning Forward Oklahoma!  Learning Forward Oklahoma  is  an  emerging  affiliate  with  the  challenge  of  creating  an  informed  and  networked organizational  infrastructure  that  can  support  educators  through  the  delivery  of  quality,  sustained  professional  learning.  Their focus is to deepen  the  understanding  of  effective  professional  learning, partner  with  Oklahoma  educational  organizations, and to  articulate  a  short-  and  long-term  strategic  plan.
Principal as Leader of Professional Learning

* Tara Dedeaux is a Principal within Harford County Public Schools in Aberdeen, Maryland. Tara’s school, Bakerfield, has many foundational structures in place, including school improvement goal teams, focused on quality instruction, and a  culture that encourages a growth mindset. Their current focus is to help create a “spark” and passion within each person to sustain and continue the good work they have accomplished together. Continuous improvement can be challenging, and they are looking for ways to keep the energy levels high.
Learning Forward Foundation Team Grant

* Christina Miller is the Coordinator  of Formative Assessment in Charles County  Public Schools in La Plata, Maryland. Christina will be working to create more robust professional learning processes in her district for teachers and school leadership teams. Christina would like to create more support for educators as they implement formative assessments into their practice.  
Congratulations to the award winners as they embark on the exciting journey of creating systemic processes that support and honor educators in their learning. They are building a strong foundation for future success by investing in their own professional learning and those who stand with them in the meaningful work of education.  We honor and celebrate you!  Learn more about these promising initiatives in the June edition of The Learning Professional. 

Jill Lachenmayr serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Affairs for Andover Public Schools. She is treasurer of the Learning Forward Kansas Affiliate and a board member of the Learning Forward Foundation.


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